Top 10 Best Live Aquarium Plants 2020 Review

If you have an aquarium, you may also be interested in keeping live plants. Fish use aquatic plants for many different purposes, such as food, shelter. Besides, the plants used in freshwater aquariums can naturally filter, help keep your fish healthy, and assist in the reproduction of small fish. If you like plants, consider ornamental plants to add beauty and excitement to your aquarium or elsewhere around your home. In this article, we will discuss 10 of the best plants for aquariums currently on the market. Let’s explore

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Top 10 Best Live Aquarium Plants

1. Java Moss – Vesicularia dubyana

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  • Java Moss – Vesicularia Dubyana is a prevalent aquatic moss, and it can be grown in almost any type of water.
  • This plant is dark green with small leaves. Java Moss is densely branched with many short stems surrounded by stems and leaves.
  • This moss does not play any role in nutrient absorption. Because it has no roots, it should not be grown in the gravel.
  • Planting this plant should be done by spreading a thin layer of Java Moss over a solid substrate, such as a rock or a piece of roots. This can be done by attaching it to the media using a thin fishing line or cotton thread.
  • Although intense light is not required, it is recommended to spread it evenly so that any tree trunk has a view. After a few months, it will attach itself to the bottom material, and the fishing line can be removed.
  • This plant can be grown underwater or on land.

2. Azolla filiculoides (Water Velvet) 

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  • Azolla filiculoides (also known as Water Velvet) is a tiny floating plant. From a distance, it may look like Duckweed. However, in reality, Azolla is more closely related to Salvinia. Both are floating ferns, living underwater.
  • This fast-growing plant will germinate the seedlings from the parent plant, creating a mat of plant material on the water’s surface.
  • Its leaves have a velvety, matte appearance. This is due to the many tiny absorbent hairs that grow on the surface of the leaves. And Water Velvet does not root vertically.
  • In warm water exposed to light, the plant may appear rusty red.

3. Anacharis Egeria Elodea Densa Tropical Live Aquarium Aquatic

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  • Egeria densa, commonly known as the Brazilian duckweed. Egeria densa is easy to grow and is a beautiful plant for tropical aquariums.
  • It grows very well in high light with a water column fertilizer and a base fertilizer like the roots.
  • It grows both in the presence of CO2 and without CO2.
  • Egeria densa is an excellent plant for beginners, and it helps to make a balance in the fish tank from the start.
  • An excellent oxygen production and nutrient controller for all types of freshwater aquariums.
  • It will look better when planted in groups along the back and sides of the aquarium.
  • When you plant them in the corners, the root system will usually start to grow within 1-2 weeks.

4. Bacopa Monnieri Moneywort Freshwater Live Aquarium Plants Bunch

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  • Moneywort is an excellent plant suitable for novice aquarists who are not familiar with keeping live plants.
  • The leaves are elliptical and alternate along the stem. They are bright green, almost lime when illuminated by light, and make an attractive accent to the aquarium.
  • They are amphibians and can float wholly or partly on the water.
  • Moneywort is a hard stem plant that will thrive in most aquariums.
  • Usually, it will grow up to 12 inches tall, get even higher in high light, and also continue to grow horizontally until it hits the water. If not held, it will extend its branches out of the water.

5. Nano Marimo Moss Ball

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  • Marimo is a prevalent plant in Japan. They are grown in glass bottles with just a little water and ceiling lights.
  • You can place them in a refrigerator during hot weather (above 28 ° C / 82F) but do not survive to freeze.
  • No injection of carbon dioxide is required for healthy growth.
  • Propagate by dividing into smaller parts, which will develop spherical over time.
  • This plant does not cause an algae problem. It is a natural biological filter that removes ammonia from the aquarium.
  • Marimo can grow in tap water at room temperature as long as it changes once or twice a week (more often in summer and less frequently in winter).
  • It only adapts to low light conditions, and photosynthesis occurs in normal household light conditions.
  • If the leaf turns brown, it can recover without intervention. Otherwise, you can add a very minimal amount of salt to fix it.

6. SZMYLED Moss Balls, 2-4cm Mini Aquarium Plant

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  • A unique aquatic species, beautiful form, easy to raise, ideal for shrimp farming in tanks and other small tanks.
  • With minimal storage space and low maintenance. Moss Balls are perfect for all shapes of flasks and different lighting conditions.
  • Please keep it away from the heat. Avoid direct sunlight and temperatures of 29 ° C and above.
  • Very useful for creating a more natural environment for your aquatic life, helping to decorate your fish tank.
  • It not only increases the aesthetics but also contributes to stabilizing water quality.
  • This aquarium ornament symbolizes eternal love, good luck charm, loved by aquarium pets, keeping fish and plants healthy.
  • When planting can be put directly into the water without putting into the soil
  • Beautiful bright green translucent moss gives a feeling of authenticity and cuteness, pour moss-covered rocks into a bowl, jar, glass pillar, or decorative tray for a natural feel.

7. Rotala Nanjenshan Bundle Stem Freshwater Live Aquarium Plant Planted Tank

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  • Rotala Nanjenshan is a very sacred plant with small leaves.
  • It grows fast and extremely dense, due to this characteristic that it is often used a lot as a refuge for fry when breeding certain species of fish.
  • This plant grows stronger when planted in warm water, so it is perfect for aquariums that keep angels or discus fish.
  • Like all other plants, cuttings are propagated and can create a dense forest in the aquarium under the right conditions.
  • This plant is easy to grow and has proven to be safe for your fish
  • Create accents and attract more attention to the aquarium
  • The price is suitable for every pocket

8. Aquatic Plants – Bunched Brazilian Pennywort Live Aquarium Plants

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  • The Brazilian pennywort is light green with round leaves alternating along the length of the stem.
  • This plant can be rooted or left to float on a surface.
  • When the stems rise above the water, they can grow out of the water and produce small white flowers or spread along the water’s surface.
  • It can withstand a variety of water conditions but will do best and fastest under high light and harder water.
  • It is a very easy to grow, great for beginners and it doesn’t require co2
  • It is a dense, growing plant that creates a beautiful, natural background in a planted aquarium.

9. Live Aquarium Plants Pot Java Lace Fern Microsorum Windelov FR02

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  • It is a hardy plant that is easy to grow, suitable for both beginners and more experienced people.
  • Its smooth, branched-leaf tips make it one of the most beautiful of aquatic plants.
  • It belongs to the genus Microsorum so that it can be 15-20 cm tall and wide
  • Best results can be obtained by planting it on a rock or stump.
  • If planted in the bottom, the horizontal rhizome must not be covered.
  • Herbivorous fish will not eat these plants
  • Grow and develop well in tropical water

10. Live Aquarium Plants Bucephalandra Red Mini Nano Small Tissue Culture Petite FR02

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  • Bucephalandra Red Mini is a rare plant that grows only on Borneo Island. They are grown in rivers and streams with fast currents, sometimes along waterways.
  • During the rainy season, when the water levels on rivers rise, most riverine Bucephalandra species will be submerged in the water for several months. Their flowers bloom mainly underwater.
  • Planting is easy, just take the plant out of the package, wash away. Divide the plant into 6-8 parts and plant directly into your nutrient substrate
  • Plants live mainly in tropical water environments.
  • Create a beautiful landscape for your aquarium

It is the top 10 best live aquarium plant today. Live plants improve water quality by removing nitrogen and ammonia from the water, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen that all fish, shrimp and other aquarium inhabitants need. In addition, your aquarium will look more vibrant with some plants. To get the most out of your product, choose the ones that best suit your fish tank. We hope this article will help you make your choices easier. Thanks for reading.

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